About Ambient, White Noise And Sleep

Michelle Hopkins

There are some people who can sleep through loud noises and even through sudden loud noises and even through things like their partner getting into bed or their big dog jumping up on the bed. Then, there are other people who can't seem to sleep if there is anything that happens to capture their attention. Things like a dog barking in the distance or a car driving down the street are enough to keep them from getting a good night's sleep. For these people, white noises, also referred to as ambient noise when the sounds are consistent, can help them to go to sleep faster and sleep better. Here are some things to know about white noise and the benefits of a good night's sleep.

Why sleep is important?

It's important for you to get a good night's sleep each night. If you wake up throughout the night, then you aren't getting the straight sleep you need to get a proper amount of rest. This can lead to concentration problems because you will be tired. It can also lead to health problems due to the constant state of tiredness you will experience.

What is white noise?

Ambient, white noise is a constant noise that is at a certain frequency that is soothing and helps your mind to relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. The sound will play continuously, so you won't be startled out of sleep when it suddenly turns off or when it turns off for a short time and then happens again.

White noise can be offered in a variety of ways. White noise can simply be the sound of a fan that stays on while you sleep. However, keeping a fan on may not be feasible on a cold night. Also, many light sleepers are bothered by the breeze of the fan that can cause their hair to move or bother them because they don't like the feel of the breeze on their skin.

White noise can also come in the form of ocean waves or the sound of low TV static. Ambient noise can also include rain, crickets, or the sound of the wood snapping in your fireplace.

How can you find white noise?

You can find your own source of white, ambient noise, or you can get an ambient sleep sounds playlist. When you get the right playlist, you can play it before you go to bed and allow it to run until you have finally achieved a deep sleep. If the sound goes off at this point, you should stay sleeping, as long as a loud noise doesn't startle you.