Are You Considering Ending Your Addiction Cold Turkey? 3 Signs That You Need Professional Detox Treatment

Michelle Hopkins

You've finally reached your limit. Whether you got in trouble with the law or were the subject of an intervention, you know that you have to quit using drugs or alcohol right away. You may have even just decided that you are tired of living this lifestyle. Whatever reasons you have for coming to this decision, you have made the right choice to stop using drugs or alcohol. Yet, you must also remember that you may need help moving forward with this choice. In some cases, going cold turkey can generate dangerous symptoms that make it necessary to get help with ending your addiction. As you plan your next step, consider these three signs that could mean that you need to seek professional addiction detox treatment.

You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Think back to the last time that you tried to quit cold turkey. If you have never tried to quit, then you can think about any time when you had to wait longer than normal for your drugs or alcohol. Now, try to remember what that felt like. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild headaches to severe stomach pain and vomiting. You might have also felt shaky or had major mood swings. While these symptoms may have felt minor at the time, they are often the cause or you going back to using drugs or alcohol. In some situations, having mild withdrawal symptoms early in your addiction can indicate that you may have a severe reaction if you go cold turkey now that you have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time.

You Have Relapsed In the Past

An addiction detox program may be what it takes to help you finally kick your addiction. After having a relapse in the past, it is important to look at what went wrong. If you went back to using drugs to ease painful withdrawal symptoms, then you can benefit from having a profession give you strategies that will help you stick to your treatment plan this time around.

You Have Other Health Issues

Trying to detox from drugs or alcohol can sometimes exacerbate other health issues. For instance, heart palpitations are a common withdrawal symptom that might irritate an underlying cardiovascular health issues. Keep in mind that quitting your use of drugs or alcohol can also increase the symptoms of mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, and hallucinations are additional symptoms that you might notice more if you have an underlying health condition. If you are currently undergoing treatment for a physical or mental health problem, then make sure to tell your doctor that you are going to stop drinking or using drugs. Most likely, they will suggest detoxing with supervision from someone who can help make sure that you stay safe during this vulnerable time as you transition to a life of sobriety.

For more information, contact an addiction detox program in your area.