• Back Pain After A Car Accident: Stop Taking Pills And Try This

    22 July 2015

    If you were tossed around in an auto accident and you can't find any relief for your pain besides using prescription medications, there are some great alternative options to consider. You can ditch the pain medication, heating pads and other items used for relief if you are able to treat the cause of the back pain. Before trying a new therapy or techniques to get rid of the back pain, you want to first see a chiropractor to make sure you aren't doing more damage than good to your back.

  • Is Your Chest Pain Angina Or A Heart Attack?

    14 July 2015

    Only 27 percent of the people surveyed know the typical heart attack symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you're having chest pain, you may not have time to look up the symptoms before it's too late. Here is what you need to know about heart attacks, chest pain and how to tell when it's time to dial 911.  Anatomy of a Heart Attack A heart attack, or cardiac arrest, is your heart telling you that it's not getting enough blood to the heart muscle.

  • Three Great Skin Care Tips

    22 June 2015

    When you want to always look your best, feel your best and avoid skin issues, there are some practical tips described below that you can follow in order to put your best foot forward. These skin care tips are dermatologist proven and can help you to empower yourself with the best information. With this in mind, follow these excellent skin care guidelines in order to keep your skin in the best condition possible.

  • Summer Sneezes: Is It A Cold Or An Allergy?

    9 June 2015

    Warm summer breezes should not bring nasty summer sneezes, but the truth is that runny noses, congestion, and watery eyes can haunt you at any time. Sometimes these symptoms mean you have a cold or an upper respiratory infection, or you may be experiencing the joy of seasonal allergies. You need to know the difference so that you can seek the correct treatment. Symptoms Although the symptoms of both conditions are similar, including post-nasal drip, congestion, and a scratchy throat, a few of them differ.

  • 5 Things Parents Need To Know About The Meningitis Vaccine

    8 June 2015

    The brain and spinal cord are covered by a group of membranes called the meninges. The meninges keep the delicate tissues of the brain and spinal cord safe, but if the meninges becomes inflamed, they can damage the tissues they're supposed to protect. This inflammation is called meningitis, and it can be life threatening. Fortunately, a vaccine is now available for this serious disease. Here's what parents need to know about it.