3 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for New Prescription Glasses

Michelle Hopkins

For those who need prescription glasses, shopping for new frames can be a bit overwhelming, but it can also be fun. The overwhelming part can result from the sheer number of choices in frames that are available for you to pick from. The fun part, of course, is getting something new. However, since buying new eyeglasses is a major purchase, you need to approach it very carefully. Here are three things for you to keep in mind when shopping for new prescription glasses.

1. Eyeglass frame trends are fickle.

As with clothing, what is currently in style for eyeglass frames won't necessarily be in fashion tomorrow. You have likely seen a lot of trends come and go for eyeglass frames—perhaps you have even taken part in a trend before as well.

The only thing about trendy eyeglass frames is that, while you may love them right now, that may not always be the case. And, because eyeglass frames can be pricey, you can't easily change your frames to go with your mood or what's hot for the moment.

If you find that you easily lose interest in things that are trendy, you should consider going with a basic frame for your eyeglasses. Something classic will go with any mood or any occasion and you likely won't regret buying them later on.

2. Your vision insurance doesn't always pay towards your new frames.

Every vision insurance policy is different, but most will only pay money towards new frames once every so often. Some plans state they will pay for new eyeglass frames once every two years, while others may allow you to get new frames sooner or later than that. It really just depends on the policy you have.

However, that doesn't mean you can't get new frames whenever you like or need them—you will just have to cover the complete cost yourself.

3. Make quality a top priority.

Not all eyeglass frames are created equal. There will always be frames that are not made as well as others. Since getting new prescription eyeglasses is a major purchase, you need to make sure the frames are top quality.

Unfortunately, you can't always go by the price to determine if something is of superior quality. Sometimes you pay more for a brand name than the quality of the product deserves. That is why it is important for you to go into the vision center and try out multiple frames.

Don't just put them on so you can see how they look—inspect them as well. Look at how sturdy they are to make sure you are actually getting a great deal for the money you are spending.

Buying new prescription eyeglass frames isn't a decision you can arrive at quickly. You need to make sure you are getting a top quality product and that you will be happy with it for a long time. Start looking for your ideal pair of glasses through providers such as Spectacles of Naples.