• Spare Your Elderly Loved One From Loneliness

    3 March 2021

    The prevalence of social isolation and loneliness among senior citizens should concern you if you have an elderly loved one. According to the CDC, one-quarter of adults aged 65 or older experience social isolation. Many feel that they can no longer keep up with younger people and that they have lost contact with people from their own cohort.  And let's face it — sitting at home all day and watching tv after retirement is positively mind-numbing.

  • See A Doctor About Male Infertility

    26 January 2021

    Male infertility is a mystery to many people, and it's something that many men do not give much thought to until they have been trying to have a child for over a year. At this time, many people consult with a doctor to learn more about potential causes. Male fertility tests often pinpoint the cause of the problem. If you suspect that you may have an issue with infertility, you should consult with a doctor who can diagnose one of these issues.