Benefits Of Strabismus Surgery

Michelle Hopkins

Strabismus refers to a disorder characterized by eye misalignment. The eyes don't align in the same direction, preventing you from looking at an object simultaneously with both eyes. The causes of the disorder include nerve injury or eye muscle dysfunction. While treatments such as eyewear can treat the condition, they take more time, and the results may be temporary. Therefore, consider undergoing an eye operation. Here are the benefits of strabismus surgery.

Improves Stereopsis

Stereopsis, or stereoscopic depth perception, is the eyes' ability to see an object as one image and form a depth perception, creating a 3D view. Strabismus patients usually have an issue creating a depth perception when viewing objects since both eyes don't align in the same direction. Surgery helps align the eyes, improving your binocular vision.

Treats Amblyopia

Amblyopia or lazy eye refers to vision reduction in one eye due to abnormal vision development in the early years. Strabismus is a major cause of amblyopia, and the two conditions usually occur together.  If a child develops amblyopia and doesn't get treated, this increases the risk of eye fatigue and reduction of vision on the deviated eye. In adults, the main symptom is double vision. Strabismus surgery aligns the eyes, restoring a perfect relationship between both eyes. This helps reduce the intensity of amblyopia symptoms and treat the condition permanently.

Restores Head Posture

Sometimes a strabismus patient may keep their head in an abnormal position to keep the eyes aligned. For instance, the patient will tilt their head or lift or lower the chin to align both eyes to an object. The head may take an abnormal posture with time, resulting in neck pain or spine problems in severe cases. Strabismus surgery can help restore eye alignment and restore the head's correct posture.

Offers Aesthetic Benefits

When both eyes align in different directions, this deviates from the normal appearance of the eyes. Hence, your eyes may look weird or abnormal. Surgery helps align your eyes in one direction, restoring their default position. This improves their appearance, especially in adults with severe strabismus.

Offers Social benefits

If you have strabismus, your eyes face in different directions. Thus, you may not feel confident when interacting with people as your eye defects may be visible. This may lead to low self-esteem, and you may avoid people, negatively affecting your social life. Fortunately, strabismus surgery corrects the condition, building your confidence and self-esteem.

Strabismus surgery improves stereopsis, treats amblyopia, and restores head posture. Also, the surgery offers psychosocial and aesthetic benefits. Consider undergoing strabismus surgical treatment to enjoy these benefits.