Benefits Of Using A Digital Medical Transcription Service

Michelle Hopkins

The importance of an updated medical record is vital. This is especially true with patients who have chronic illnesses or are facing massive health complications from illness. Having the latest updates and the transcript of those updates may mean a lot to a doctor during a referral or to jog their memory about a patient's full case. For this reason, your office may be looking for a solution to backlogged transcription. One option is to go with a fully digital medical transcription service. Here are some benefits to that option. 

Round the Clock Availability

One of the key benefits of using a fully digital medical transcription service is the ability to record and send transcripts at any time day or night. This is ideal if you have a late day and need to catch up on transcription after the day has ended. It is also ideal as it allows your evening nursing or after-hours staff to send the transcripts for you as part of their nightly duties. This means they can update records, send transcripts, and handle the process before the next business day. 

Quick Turn Around

When you use an in-house transcriptionist or service, you may find that you become backlogged on transcription. This is due to having a limited number of in-office transcriptionists and an overload of patient visits. When you use a fully digital medical transcription service, you are likely working with a company. The company will have both onsite and work-from-home transcriptionists who are licensed and certified. This means instead of a small office staff, you have a very large number of transcriptionists ready to work on the files as soon as they come through. 

Paperless System

With a fully digital medical transcription service, you have the ability to go paperless. There is a concern that this will mean you do not have the paper trail to follow to see the current status of the transcript. You may also be concerned with knowing when that transcript will be ready. With the fully digital system, you can see real-time updates in the system, find out who is working on the transcript, and see when the expected delivery will be. You can also have your office set up so that the transcript uploads directly to your records or to the record of the patient. 

If you think using a fully digital medical transcription service may be ideal for your office, contact the service of your choice. They can describe what options they offer. They can also offer training for their service so you understand how to upload, record, and send the transcripts for processing. Contact a medical transcription service for more information.