Providing Excellent Care At A Lower Cost - Understanding The Medical Imaging Equipment Refurbishment Process

Michelle Hopkins

If you're a physician looking to expand the ways you can provide excellent care to your patients, one of the areas you should examine is including medical imaging in your practice. Having access to your own imaging equipment can speed up the diagnostic process as well as guarantee that the quality of the images always meets your standards.

The cost of the equipment, however, can be a significant impediment to achieving this goal. Luckily, the refurbished equipment market can allow you access to a significant cost savings that you can then pass on to your patients. Below, you'll find a guide to understanding the refurbishment process, providing you with the confidence you need to be sure your equipment will be there when you need it most.


It's important to note that a refurbishment service will only pick the used equipment in the very best shape to be refurbished. Typically this is imaging equipment that was part of the inventory at a large imaging center and may not have seen much use at all over its life.

A number of factors are taken into account when picking equipment for refurbishment, but one of the most important is the availability of replacement parts. This will help guarantee that, in the event your equipment needs an eventual repair, it can be completed with minimal stress and expense.


The actual process of refurbishing the equipment is designed to return it to a state that is almost like new. After being uninstalled from its previous location, it will be thoroughly cleaned and repainted to remove any traces of the previous ownership and significantly enhance its quality.

The imaging equipment also receives a fresh installation of its operating software along with any relevant updates. This will guarantee that you can set the machine to meet your precise requirements and will also provide you with the confidence of knowing you'll be able to avoid potential glitches and slowdowns.


Once your refurbished equipment is cleaned, reinvigorated, and ready to go, your equipment service will perform a professional delivery and installation. This will include a consultation process about the requirements for space and power, and will also guarantee that you don't end up with a cramped office or having to worry about potentially hazardous emissions from the machine. A professional installation of your refurbished medical imaging equipment will guarantee that you can start serving patients and providing excellent care as quickly as possible. Contact a company like Chicago C-Arms LLC for more information.