3 Ways To Resolve Tooth Odor

Michelle Hopkins

There's different causes for bad breath, and you might assume that the odor stems from your tongue. But, it's very common for foul breath to emanate from your teeth. There's three different ways that your teeth can generate foul odor—one can be treated on your own, but two must be treated by a dentist.

Here are the three ways that your teeth might be causing you discomfort and embarrassment:  

 Food Gets Trapped Between Your Teeth 

The reason why dentists ask their patients to floss is because food particles often become stuck between teeth. Even if you can't see any food residue between your teeth, there is often film that forms between your teeth, and underneath your gum lines. Bad bacteria develops and soon, the stench of rotting food particles will cause you to develop sour breath.

Worse, food particles that become trapped between teeth and gums will erode dental enamel and cause tooth decay, and gum disease.  You can head off superficial tooth and gum disease by flossing your teeth. You should also use a good mouth rinse in order to disinfect those tight, troublesome areas. 

Cavities Have Developed Inside Your Tooth Crevices

Cavities can develop in between your teeth, but they often form in the crevices of your teeth where you bite your food. You often can't see the full extent of tooth decay, and your dentist will need to take x-rays of your teeth so that they can see how far down they need to drill. The good news is that having your cavities removed and filled with dental material will often resolve the smell of tooth decay. 

You Need Root Canal Treatment

When cavities have formed down into the roots of your teeth, or when the surfaces of your teeth have fractures, then you'll require the removal of any tooth root material that has decayed. You'll often know that you'll require root canal treatment, because your tooth will feel inflamed from the inside out. Unfortunately, there's nothing that you can do on your own to get rid of the bacteria and the odor, but your dentist can begin treatment that removes the decaying tooth material while disinfecting the inside of the tooth. 

Suffering with bad breath due to poor dental health is frustrating and painful. The good news is that a dentist like Denise McGrade DDS can easily resolve the painful issues so that you feel confident about your oral health again.