How Can You Find A Home Healthcare Agency That Fits You?

Michelle Hopkins

When you're enlisting what can essentially be a group of strangers with helping you with some of the most sensitive personal care tasks -- home healthcare workers -- you likely feel it's important to engage individuals who are friendly, professional, and a good fit with your personality. If you're reserved and enjoy your privacy, you may not like an extroverted joke-teller helping care for you on a daily basis in your home; while if you crave company, you may welcome a chatty nurse who regales you with stories about oddball family members. How can you ensure that you receive care that helps improve not only your physical quality of life, but your emotional state? Read on to learn more about selecting a home healthcare agency that is a perfect fit for you and your personality.

What questions should you ask when interviewing a home healthcare agency?

Once you've passed the hurdles involving health insurance and other payment options, your next concern may be the logistics of this care and the individuals involved in providing it.

  • "How many workers will be assigned to my care?"

Depending upon the level of assistance you need, you may only have in-home health aides once or twice per day for brief visits, or you may need round-the-clock care from several workers in shifts. You'll want to know how many people will be provided to your home -- whether you have the same aide five days per week, or a rotating schedule of different personnel.

  • "What are your training policies?"

If you require specialized care, you may want to investigate whether the home healthcare agency has individuals specifically trained in providing that care. You may also want to inquire about continuing education for home health employees if the treatment protocol for your illness is continuing to evolve.

  • "What happens if I have a disagreement with a caregiver?"

It's also important to be aware of the discipline policies for employees, as well as the process by which you can be assigned someone else if you would like to "fire" a caregiver. You want to ensure that the home healthcare company provides an environment where customer complaints are heard and addressed quickly.

What should you do if you can't find an agency that's a good fit?

If you are still in need of care but aren't satisfied with the answers to your questions from the agencies you've interviewed so far, look outside your geographical area. You may be able to find a company in a neighboring city that is willing to travel to your area for a slightly higher fee. In some cases, home health agencies with branches in several areas (including your own) may be able to transfer employees to your area.

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