5 Common Signs Of Hearing Loss

Michelle Hopkins

Dealing with hearing loss can be frustrating, and it is not uncommon for people to be in denial about having hearing problems. Ignoring hearing loss is not a good idea- the sooner you consult a doctor, the sooner you can get treatment. There is no reason to go through life with difficulty hearing- there are a wide variety of hearing aids available for purchase that can restore your hearing and alleviate the issues associated with hearing loss. The top signs that you may have hearing loss include:

Difficulty Following a Conversation When More Than One Person is Talking at One Time

As your hearing begins to deteriorate, it is not uncommon to begin having difficulty following a conversation in which more than one person is talking at once. If you notice that your ability to differentiate between two voices while still keeping up with a conversation is diminishing, you may want to make an appointment to get a hearing test.

Your Family Complains that the Television is Too Loud

Every person has their own level of hearing, and their own preference when it comes to the volume of the TV. But if multiple people in your home are complaining about the volume of the TV, or asking you to turn the TV down, this may be a sign that you are losing your hearing and could benefit from wearing a hearing aid.

It Sounds Like People are Mumbling When They Talk

As a person's hearing begins to go, he or she will begin to lose the ability to pick up a full range of sounds. High and low notes may become particularly difficult to hear. There is no doubt that some people don't speak clearly, which results in mumbling; but if it seems like multiple people are mumbling and this happens for days or weeks, there is a good chance you are suffering from hearing loss.

You Can't Hear What Women or Children are Saying

Losing the ability to hear high frequencies specifically is a tell tale sign of hearing loss. Many women and young children have higher pitched voices, so if you begin to have trouble hearing what they are saying when they are talking to you, make an appointment to have your hearing checked out.

Your Go To Word is "What"

It can become quite annoying to live with untreated hearing loss. Before getting a hearing test and being treated for hearing loss, it is not uncommon for people to say "what?" multiple times a day during conversations with others. If you find yourself saying "what?" on a regular basis, or asking people to speak up or repeat themselves, consider the fact that you may be suffering from hearing loss, and seek treatment.

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