3 Tips For Buying Clothes After Getting A Breast Reduction

Michelle Hopkins

When you have a breast reduction, you might feel that a huge weight has literally been taken off your chest. You will be able to move around more comfortably, exercise more comfortably, and generally go through your day without having to worry as much about whether or not you are showing too much cleavage accidentally. However, a large problem that many women experience after going through a breast reduction is that none of their clothes fit anymore. Here are some tips for buying clothes after getting a breast reduction.

1. Allow Your Breasts to Settle at a Size Before Redoing Your Entire Wardrobe

When you first start buying clothes that fit your new chest size better, you are going to want to start slowly. After a breast reduction, your body might have to adjust to the new size, and the overall size of your chest could change slightly. Wait a month or two before buying a ton of outfits in order to make sure that you don't have to redo the process of buying clothes should your breasts change size slightly. You might also be experiencing some swelling, which will make your breasts larger than they actually are.

2. Get Fitted for a New Bra

After your breast reduction, none of your bras are going to fit anymore and you might not even know your size. Go to a store that offers free bra fittings, even if you plan on buying your bras at a different store. Have them measure you and figure out your size, as well as your sister size. Your sister size is the size that corresponds to the size that you are considered. For example, a 34 C and a 32 D are considered sister sizes. You might prefer one over the other so you need to make sure that you get both measurements and write them down.

Try on a lot of bras and talk to the bra fit specialists to make sure that they are fitting correctly. Whenever you buy new clothes, make sure that you wear your correctly fitted bras while trying the clothes on in order to get a more accurate sense of how they will look on your chest.

3. Buy Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful

Finally, spend a little bit of extra money on purchasing something that you feel makes you look especially good. This is important because it will help ensure that you feel confident and can prove to yourself that you look the way you want in at least one outfit. This will make it easier to deal with the scar tissue and sutures that are going to be healing after the surgery and will help reinforce that you made the right choice.

For more information, talk to a breast reduction surgeon like Dinu Mistry, MD.