3 Ways Coffee Impacts Your Health

Michelle Hopkins

Countless individuals have a cup of coffee in the morning. It's what gets them up and moving around. Without their coffee, they would be in a funk all day. It is a staple for them. While some people just enjoy the taste of coffee, others depend on it for the caffeine to give them the little extra boost they need when feeling down. However, there are plenty of other benefits to drinking coffee that you might not be aware of. Check out three positive health benefits that come from drinking coffee.

Reduces your chance of getting dementia and Alzheimer's

Drinking a few cups of coffee every day might be just what you need to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's from striking. Caffeine can help with slowing down the decline of your cognitive functions, thus helping to keep your brain working at full capacity for far longer. Remember, it is the caffeine that is going to help, so you don't want to drink a bunch of the decaffeinated kind or it isn't going to do you any good.

Minimizes your chance of committing suicide

Oftentimes, people end up drinking a cup of coffee to give themselves the little pick me up they need during the course of the day. The caffeine in the coffee helps to give your mood the boost it needs when feeling low. This stimulant helps you feel happy, even when things might not be going the way you originally planned. Everyone has a point in their life where they feel blah and out of sorts, but all it takes is the right beverage to turn that all around. Drink some coffee and give your mood the boost it needs in no time.

It reduces your chance of getting type 2 diabetes

Consistently drinking coffee can help to lower your chance of getting type 2 diabetes. While coffee can raise your blood glucose levels for those who have diabetes, it is only temporary. Your best option is to switch to decaf if you already have diabetes and are looking to slow its progression down. The decaf doesn't have as significant of an impact on your blood sugar levels.

While these are only a few of the benefits associated with coffee, there are countless others out there. The thing you need to remember is that everyone is going to react differently to coffee. You need to determine what is going to work for you and adjust your intake accordingly. A good way to increase your coffee intake is to frequently visit coffee bars like Loft 950.