3 Things Psychological Testing Can Tell You

Michelle Hopkins

When people hear the words psychological testing, they often think of a test that determines if you are crazy or not. However, psychological testing is about much more than just that. It is about helping people understand what might be going on with them and help them learn the proper skills and techniques to overcome what ails them. There are multiple instances where this particular type of testing is used. Explore more about what this testing can tell you below.

Learning disabilities.

Oftentimes, children who are struggling in school are sent for psychological testing. The purpose of the test is to determine if there are any learning disabilities that might be holding the child back. While some children who are struggling might have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), that isn't the case for every child. Some just have different learning styles than others and need to be taught differently to help them grasp the concepts before them.

The test will often look for things like dyslexia to make sure the child is able to read the passages correctly. If the student is dyslexic, the teacher will need to work with that student to come up with a different approach to help them through the learning phases.


Another type of psychological test often performed is on older patients. The test will go over key memory functions to see if they are able to remember things properly. If they aren't able to remember the pictures shown to them or the words said to them, it might be an indication that the patient has dementia to some degree. It is also used to determine if an individual is suffering from brain damage after being in an accident.

Anger problems.

If individuals seem to be struggling with their own personal relationships, psychological testing can help to get to the bottom of it. Maybe there is a problem with interpersonal skills, anger or even some distinct personality traits that are making it difficult to be in a meaningful relationship.

You want to get to the bottom of the problem quickly here so as to be able to thrive and form a lasting bond with your significant other. It might be that you are dealing with depression or anxiety and need medication and additional coping skills to help you get through it.

Either way you look at it, psychological testing is meant to help you thrive and succeed as an individual.