Tips For Making A Smooth Transition To Doggy Daycare For Your Dog

Michelle Hopkins

If you recently accepted a promotion that will leave you away from home for many hours each day, then doggy daycare will help your dog stay healthier and happier while you are gone. If your first day of this new arrangement is giving you anxiety, then follow these simple tips to make you and your dog's transition smoother:

Feed Your Dog Early in the Morning

Since your dog will likely be excited about being around all of the other dogs at their new daycare, you should feed them well before you need to leave home in the morning. If you feed your dog first thing when you wake up, this will give their food time to digest before they arrive at daycare. This step will help to prevent vomiting when you dog gets excited or apprehensive.

Alleviate Separation Anxiety with Familiar Treats and Smells

If your dog tends to suffer from separation anxiety when they need to be away from you, then you can help to alleviate this issue at your new daycare by providing your dog with:

  • a favorite blanket that smells like home
  • a treat ball with treats to place inside of it

By having a blanket at daycare that smells like home, your dog will be calmer and understand that they belong in daycare and are safe there like they are at home. A treat ball filled with treats will keep your dog's mind busy and all of the chewing will help to alleviate the stress in a positive way.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Dropping Off Your Dog

Since your dog feeds off your body's energy, you should try to learn to be more relaxed during your morning routine and avoid rushing to drop off your dog at daycare. By spending some time getting ready and then dropping off your dog in a casual manner, you can help your dog stay calmer as they start their day with their new dog friends.

Know Your Dog May be Excessively Tired After Starting Daycare

Finally, since you will be leaving your dog at daycare for the first time, you should expect that your dog will be tired in the evenings from all of their new daytime excitement and experiences. This is completely natural and should not concern you. When a dog is kept at home during the day, they do a lot of sleeping. When in daycare, your dog will be kept awake by the other dogs and excitement around them. The good news is that daycare will actually help your dog sleep better at night. Contact a doggy daycare like All Pets Hospital Ltd for more information.