Visiting Your Children In Drug Rehab Centers For Prescription Drug Addictions: 3 Things You Can Bring To Show Your Support

Michelle Hopkins

Prescription drugs can be just as addictive as street drugs, like meth or heroin. They are also much easier to access, with the latest studies showing that over 52 million Americans over the age of 12 having used prescription drugs non-medically sometime in their life. Many teenagers and young adults are getting prescription drugs for free from their family members and friends. If you have recently discovered that your child is addicted to prescription drugs, it's best to send them to a professional drug rehab center. It'll increase their chances of overcoming their addiction and getting sober. Once a counselor at the center has given your child visitation rights, it's only natural to visit them to show support. Here are 3 things you can bring them.

Letters Detailing How Proud You Are of Them

Overcoming an addiction is incredibly hard. Your child is very brave if they are at a drug rehab center trying to get sober. At this difficult time in their lives, your child is probably craving for additional support. They want to know that you have their backs and are supportive of them for trying to get help. One of the best ways that you can show how proud you are of your child is to write them a letter, as they will be able to reread the letter every time they feel like giving up or are feeling down.

Have each and every family member write a personal letter. It's important to use positive words in the letter and to refrain yourselves from including any criticisms or negativity.

Photographs of the Family

A photograph can say a thousand words. If your child has been staying at the drug rehab center for an extended period of time, bring some photographs along. Show them how their younger siblings or cousins are doing or even bring photographs of their dog or cat to the rehab center. Your child will look at these photographs and be reminded about all of the people who are proud of them and are counting on them to get sober any time they feel like giving up.

Reading Material that Suits their Interests and Hobbies

While most drug rehab centers will have plenty of reading material available at the facility, the reading material may not be particularly interesting for your child. Bring some reading materials that suit your child's interests and hobbies. For example, if they are a Harry Potter fan, bring them the whole series. You should also include reading materials that are self-help or spiritually-oriented as well. There are many self-help or spiritually-oriented books that address issues related to prescription drug addiction.

If you are going to be bringing books to the rehab center, choose paperback books over hardcovers, as paperbacks tend to be easier to carry around. They are also much lighter.


Almost all drug rehab centers will allow visitors; however, most centers will require your child to go through counseling before allowing them to have any visitors. It's important to keep track of your child's progress to determine whether they are mentally ready for visitors. Speak with a representative from the center in order to determiner whether the gifts you want to bring are appropriate. The counselor may want to quickly review what you're going to bring in order to make sure that there is nothing present that may set your child's progress back. For more information, visit a rehab center, like Olalla Recovery Centers.