Simple Things To Do Before Your Massage To Avoid Embarrassment

Michelle Hopkins

Regardless of your specific reason for scheduling a massage, relaxation is likely one of your desired outcomes. While your massage therapist's techniques, the use of essential oils and the dulcet tones playing in the background of the treatment room can contribute to your inner relaxation, you'll feel anything but relaxed if you feel embarrassed during your massage. There are many potential causes of embarrassment and, while your therapist has likely encountered all these scenarios and won't bat an eye, you may feel uncomfortable. To lessen your risk of something occurring that makes you feel embarrassed, here are some simple pre-massage things to tend to.

Wash Your Body

It might seem like common sense to wash before you arrive for your massage, but there's more to making sure you're clean than just rinsing in the water. To really ensure that you're clean, you'll want to scrub your skin with a brush or use some exfoliating lotion on a washcloth. If you don't take this precaution, the massage therapist's hands and the use of oil can actually lift some dead skin off your body — the back is a common area — which might make you feel embarrassed.

Freshen Your Breath

In many cases, your massage therapist will be working on your jaw, face or scalp, and be positioned just a few feet away from your mouth. The last thing you want to realize is that your garlic or onion breath from lunch is strong enough that you feel embarrassed. You'll likely compensate by clenching your mouth shut, which is the last thing you want to do when you're trying to relax. Chew gum before the treatment, pop a breath mint while you're waiting, or take a swig of mouthwash in the parking lot before you go into the clinic so that your breath will be fresh.

Eat Wisely

It's common to experience a release of gas when you relax, but flatulence during your massage can make you highly embarrassed. In the day or so before your appointment, making some smart dietary choices can reduce your risk of bloating and gas that may lead to flatulence as you relax on the massage table. In particular, try to stay away from beans, cauliflower and cabbage. Carbonated beverages can also increase your risk of intestinal gas, so avoid the intake of these products, too. Moving your bowels in advance of your massage appointment can often be ideal as a way to reduce any gas buildup you may have.

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