3 Fun Facts You Probably Don't Know About Your Blue Eyes

Michelle Hopkins

There are all kinds of songs about them, an array of different shades of them, and even still, a lot of people don't know a great deal about their blue eyes. If you have blue eyes, you should definitely consider yourself special, as blue eyes are far less common than brown, hazel, or amber. When you take a look in the mirror and admire those baby blues, you may find it fascinating to know the following facts about your eye color.

Blue eyes are more susceptible to UV damage.

If your eyes are blue, it is wise to keep them protected, just the same as it would be with any eye color. However, blue eyes are far more susceptible to UV damage because of their lower melanin levels. Generally speaking, the lighter your blue eyes are, the more prone to sun damage your eyes could be. So make sure you invest in some good shades that offer UV protection to keep your vision protected from the sunlight any time you are heading outdoors.

Two parents with blue eyes don't always produce children with blue eyes.

Blue eyes are a recessive trait, meaning they are easily dominated by traces of other eye colors in the genetic sequence. So if one parent or the other carries a brown allele in their genetics, two blue-eyed people could have a child with brown eyes. This is often suspected as one of the reasons why blue-eyed people still remain less common with the passage of time.

It is believed blue eyes developed because of a gene mutation.

Some studies have suggested that at one time, blue eyes were unheard of, with most humans having eyes that were some shade of brown or green. It is suspected that blue eyes were actually caused by a gene or DNA mutation. What this means is that people who now have blue eyes could probably trace their ancestry back to just one family if there were enough records on eye color available. Even if you meet a stranger with blue eyes a different shade than your own, there is a good likelihood that the two of you are related somewhere down the line, but the relation would only be slight.

The fact is, your blue eyes are a lot more interesting than what you probably know. If you would like to know more facts about your blue eyes, talk to an eye doctor at a location such as Blue Ridge Ophthalmology. You may be surprised at some of the insight they have to offer.