2 Reasons To Utilize A Pain Management Specialist

Michelle Hopkins

One of the best resources that you can turn to when you are experiencing chronic or severe pain is a pain management specialist. A pain management specialist is a healthcare professional who has chosen to focus specifically on the treatment of pain. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a pain management specialist.

Will Not Focus On Medication

One of the biggest reasons to see a pain management specialist is that he or she is not going to focus entirely on medication to treat your pain. Now, this does not mean that a pain management specialist will not prescribe medication; it only means that he or she will also look for other ways to treat your pain in order to potentially eliminate the pain entirely.

This is very useful if you are a bit leery about becoming reliant on prescription medications that can often be quite addictive or that have a host of potential side effects. For example, a pain management specialist may recommend acupuncture treatments to alleviate your pain or massage therapy to ease the muscles that have become tense or painful as a side effect of your condition.

In addition, the pain management specialist can also potentially provide you with a TENS unit. A TENS unit is a small device that you can carry around that will transmit electrical signals into your skin via small patches. The electrical signals will then stimulate specific nerves within your body that can help provide you with pain relief whenever you need it. 

Provide Access To A Wide Range Of Specializations

Another reason to see a pain management specialist is in order to get access to a wide range of specializations that can work together to treat your pain from many different angles. For example, many pain management specialists will have a background as an anesthesiologist or as a physical therapist. In addition, if you decide to see a pain management specialist at a pain management clinic, you can often receive treatment from doctors who specialized in psychiatry or neurosurgery to further increase the types and versatility of your treatments, which can lead to a more effective treatment plan for you and increase the odds of mitigating or eliminating your pain.

Contact a pain management specialist today in order to discuss how he or she will be able to assist you with alleviating your chronic pain. A pain management specialist is a great option because he or she will not rely solely on medication to treat you and will be able to provide you with access to a wide range of medical specializations that will help by treating your pain from many different angles.