Spinal Decompression: Getting On The Road To Recovery

Michelle Hopkins

Caring for the health of your spinal column is critical when it comes to eliminating pain and preventing debilitating injuries. When the discs in your spinal column become compressed, they could cause the bones in your spinal column to fracture. Spinal decompression surgery can be a great solution for addressing compression problems.

Here are three things that you should keep in mind to ensure you get on the right road to recovery when undergoing spinal decompression surgery in the future.

1. Stop using all nicotine products.

If you want to enjoy the best possible results when undergoing a spinal decompression surgery, you need to cease using all products that contain nicotine. This includes cigarettes, nicotine gum, or patches that may contain trace amounts of nicotine. Ingesting nicotine can hinder the ability of your bones to heal properly.

Since many spinal decompression surgeries involve the fusing of bones together in order to eliminate compression pain and fracturing, bone health is critical to the success of the procedure. By eliminating nicotine from your daily life prior to surgery, you will limit the amount of time required to heal from your spinal decompression surgery.

2. Prepare your home environment ahead of time.

As you start to recover from your spinal decompression surgery, you may find that your mobility is limited. You will not be able to lift any heavy objects, and navigating stairs could prove challenging. In order to ensure that your home environment doesn't contribute to the injury of a newly decompressed spinal column, you should take the time to prepare your home for your recovery in advance of your surgery.

Set up a sleeping area on the main floor of your home, and ensure that you plan to have a friend or family members available to help prepare meals and assist with walking, sitting, or standing. A properly prepared home environment can significantly reduce the potential for complications that could slow your recovery after a spinal decompression surgery.

3. Complete physical therapy exercises.

Your doctor, like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates, will likely give you some physical therapy exercises to complete following your spinal decompression. These exercises are designed to promote healing by strengthening the muscles surrounding your spinal column.

If you want to encourage a quick recovery, you should make these physical therapy exercises a priority. Be sure that you are using proper form throughout your physical therapy sessions to avoid injuring your recovering spinal column further.

Getting on the road to recovery following a spinal decompression surgery can seem challenging. By eliminating nicotine from your daily life, preparing your home environment for recovery, and completing physical therapy exercises as directed, you will be able to ensure you recover as quickly as possible from your spinal decompression surgery.