Speech Testing Completed by an Audiologist

Michelle Hopkins

Your hearing may start to fail as you age. If you feel that your ability to hear has affected the way that you communicate with others, then it is time to take a hearing test. These tests will allow your audiologist to understand whether you can understand speech like you should. To test speech hearing, the audiologist will do the following things during the hearing test.

Volume Testing

To begin your test, your audiologist will instruct you to step inside a booth or separate room. This helps to create a controlled environment where outside noises cannot interfere with the test. You will then place headphones over your ears and listen for sounds coming through them. Your audiologist will speak through a microphone and you will hear a series of one and two-syllable words. And, you will repeat the words back to the professional. 

The first test is completed with a normal speaking volume and it is then repeated with increased volume. This allows the audiologist to learn a few things. They can determine whether or not your brain is interpreting sounds correctly and if words are understood better at a higher volume. If more words are understood and repeated correctly when they are louder, then this means that a hearing aid is likely to work to restore hearing.

In addition to the basic tests, the audiologist may also ask you to look at them when they speak words. If you are hearing better when doing this, then it may mean that you are partially reading lips to understand and you will be given some instructions about facing people when they talk to help you hear a bit better.

Noise Tests

Hearing loss is typically quite complicated and involves the breakdown of the audio pathway that runs from the ears to the brain. This breakdown can mean that it is difficult for you to identify sounds and words even though you technically hear them correctly. And, problems like this are amplified by a great deal of background noise. For this reason, your hearing doctor will likely complete tests with and without noise to see if your brain can pick out words when other sounds can also be heard. 

If your hearing is worse with some noise in the background, then your audiologist may suggest that you wear hearing aids that have noise-canceling abilities. In addition, you may be provided information on how to limit background noises so that you can hear better at home and when out with family members. 

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