How To Prepare Your Child For Immunizations

Michelle Hopkins

One of the hardest things as a parent is to see your child in pain. It is more challenging when you bring the pain, even if it is for the betterment of their health. Taking your child to the physician for their immunization has the potential to be traumatic. However, it is possible to prepare them for the appointment.

Be Honest

The first step to properly preparing your child is through honesty. You do not want to walk into the office with your child thinking that shots are comfortable and painless. The better prepared they are for what they will encounter, the less likely they will have trauma preventing them from visiting the physician when they are older. While essential to make sure they know the facts, you want to do it in a manner that will not scare them. The goal is to be honest while remaining calm, so your child grows to trust you.

Keep Notices Short

Anxiety builds over time, so it is best to give your child minimal notice when they have a doctor's appointment. For some children, it is best to inform them the day of, while others need a little more time to process a change in the schedule. You will know your child's needs best. The amount of time you give your child to process the fact they are receiving a shot works the same way. If you do not provide them with enough time, they will not be able to ask questions. However, their anxiety will build with too much time, leaving you with an unpleasant appointment.

Leave Emotions Out

When you discuss medical issues with your children, you will want to leave your emotions out of the mix. They will pick up on your feelings, so attempt to remain calm while discussing immunizations. Start the discussion by telling your child that shots are necessary to prevent diseases and keep them healthy. If you focus on the positives and remain encouraging, they will have less fear. You will want to let them know the shot will hurt a little initially, but the pain will go away quickly. It is also good to emphasize rewards that come afterward, such as cute band-aids or candy for a job well done.

In short, you will want to make sure that immunizations are not a debatable issue. While a long explanation is not needed, the child should understand the benefits. When you keep your emotions in check, the visit will be more pleasant and prevent hardship in the future.

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