How Athletes Can Benefit From Oxygen Use

Michelle Hopkins

Athletes often need various support systems that help them compete at higher levels. For example, some may find that a bottle of oxygen is a good way to stay focused and effective during competition. Understanding these benefits can help athletes who haven't yet tried this approach. Doing so can ensure that they not only use oxygen safely but do so in a way that doesn't impact their competition in adverse ways.  

How Oxygen May Help

Depending on an athlete's competitive event, oxygen may provide them with a little extra help that makes competing easier. They may use oxygen during rests in their sports, such as during time-outs or between periods. Taking oxygen during these times may provide some benefits that aren't considered unfair athletic enhancements and can keep an athlete at the top of their game. It can:

  • Provide Some Fresh Air: After an intensive workout, an athlete may need a little oxygen to refresh themselves. For example, after competing in a very tough competition that leaves them winded, some oxygen can help them catch their breath more quickly and avoid fatigue.
  • Clear the Head: Some fresh oxygen during athletic competition may help some athletes clear their head and feel more focused and competitive. This may be particularly beneficial in a competition where cognitive skills are important, such as in lengthy tennis matches.
  • Minimize Fainting Risks: During some athletic competitions, fainting may be a real risk due to fatigue or even oxygen loss. For instance, boxers and other fighters may need oxygen between bouts to stay focused after getting hit and experiencing some blood loss.

Before buying oxygen for competition, athletes should clear their purchase with their competitive league. Some may have strict rules on when and how oxygen can be used and may even disqualify a player if they use it improperly. Coaches and league leaders can discuss this usage with a player and provide them with the appropriate guidelines for buying and using oxygen in this way.

Working With a Doctor

Athletes interested in using oxygen should also talk with their doctor to learn more about this approach. For example, they can discuss how to take oxygen during athletic events to avoid overusing it. They can also discuss where to find safe and effective sources and may even get a prescription if they have a condition that requires it. These steps can help an athlete get and use oxygen properly.