What To Know About Visiting Urgent Care

Michelle Hopkins

If you are sick or dealing with a minor injury, you will want to seek medical attention as quickly as you can. However, it can be challenging to know what to do if you are in a situation where a visit to the emergency room is necessary but you cannot wait for an appointment with your primary physician. The good news is that urgent care is an excellent option if you find yourself in this position. Here are three things to know about visiting an urgent care office. 

When To Visit Urgent Care

The first thing to know about visiting urgent care is when it's your best option. Sometimes, visiting the emergency room or your primary care doctor will make more sense. If you have a life-threatening injury or illness, you will want to head to the emergency room. On the other hand, if your symptoms are mild and you can get an appointment with your primary care doctor, that will be your best option. If you have an injury, fever, or other ailments that don't seem life-threatening but require quick treatment, urgent care can usually handle them. 

How Much Urgent Care Costs

How much an urgent care visit costs depends on whether you have health insurance, what your insurance covers, and what condition is being treated. If you don't have insurance, a basic visit to urgent care will set you back $80 to $280. However, your costs may be higher if more advanced care is needed. For example, ultrasounds and X-rays can increase your bill by up to 50 percent. While urgent care can get pricey, it will typically be less expensive than a visit to the emergency room. 

What To Expect From Your Visit

You will also want to know what to expect from your visit to an urgent care office. Urgent care services vary from one clinic to another, so it's a good idea to check beforehand if the services you need are offered. Wait times can vary, but evenings and weekends are often busy. How long it takes to see a medical professional can range from as little as 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on how busy they are.

There are a few things to know about visiting urgent care. First, urgent care is an excellent option if you need immediate medical care but don't need to go to the emergency room. Second, what you pay for urgent care will vary depending on what's being treated and whether you have health insurance. Finally, knowing what to expect during your visit will also come in handy. 

For more information, contact an urgent care clinic near you.