Three Things That Can Cause A Fallen Arch In Your Foot

Michelle Hopkins

While some people naturally have low arches on both feet, it's possible for a high arch to become a low one for various reasons. Known as a fallen arch, this condition can be painful and affect your mobility. Becoming aware that you have a fallen arch should compel you to visit a local podiatry clinic to discuss what treatment options may be available to you. There are many reasons that people can suffer a fallen arch in one of their feet. You might be aware of an unusual sensation in your foot but not immediately realize that you have a fallen arch. Here are three potential causes.

Foot Injury

A fallen arch can occur as a result of trauma to one of the major tendons in your foot called the posterior tibial tendon. This can mean that all sorts of foot injuries can lead to a fallen arch in addition to whatever other acute symptoms you're dealing with as a result of the injury. People can suffer an injury to their posterior tibial tendon in a variety of ways. This injury is fairly common in athletes of many different sports given the pressure on their feet during games. It's also possible to injure this tendon and develop a fallen arch as a result of slipping and falling.


Being pregnant causes many changes in your body, including in your feet. Some people who are pregnant can experience a fallen arch in one or both feet. This change occurs because of the extra weight that you're carrying; the weight puts more pressure on the arches, which can sometimes respond by dropping. It's common for a woman's arches to return after giving birth, but it's always advisable to see a podiatrist to receive advice about how to manage your foot issues while you're pregnant.


Having an extremely high body weight can create various health issues with your feet, including a fallen arch. This condition can occur even if there's no acute incident that causes damage to the tendon; the damage can simply take place over time as your body gets heavier and puts more weight on your feet. Your podiatrist can present different treatment options that can provide relief for your pain, but they'll also likely encourage you to make an effort to reduce your body weight. If you believe that one of these issues has caused a fallen arch, speak to a podiatrist.

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