• 3 Medication Questions To Ask Your Primary Care Physician

    30 August 2017

    It's easy not to give too much thought to the medications that your doctor prescribes. After all, they're the physician, so they must know what's best. But while your doctor does have expertise that you lack, it's still important for you to understand certain things about the medications that you're taking. Take a look at some important medication questions to ask your primary care doctor the next time you visit.

  • Does Your Child Have A Potentially Deadly Allergy To Bee Stings? What Every Parent Should Know

    3 August 2017

    Spring, summer, and fall activities can turn dangerous if your child is one of the millions of people who have a severe stinging insect allergy. For these youngsters, the possible presence of a bee, wasp, hornet, or other stinging insect can take all the fun out of normal outdoor activities. According to information published by the Boston Children's Hospital, there may be as many as two million people in the United States alone who are allergic the sting of bees and other stinging insects.

  • Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

    20 July 2017

    Pain and discomfort are only a few of the problems that many people have to deal with each day. Chronic pain, anxiety, and restlessness are all much too common in society, and for many people there is no escape. However, there has been a recent push to allow medical cannabis to be used for such problems. Those that do not understand how cannabis can help have often pushed back. Medical cannabis can have wonderful effects on the body and can truly help in many situations.

  • Preparing Your Child For A Trip To The Audiologist

    28 June 2017

    If you suspect your child has a hearing problem and might need hearing aids, you may decide to schedule a visit to an audiologist. This can be a potentially stressful event for a child, as your little one may not know what to expect. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare him or her before a first visit to an audiologist. Visit The Library One easy way to help your child to prepare for an audiologist appointment is to check out a few books from the library about hearing loss.

  • Spinal Decompression: Getting On The Road To Recovery

    6 March 2017

    Caring for the health of your spinal column is critical when it comes to eliminating pain and preventing debilitating injuries. When the discs in your spinal column become compressed, they could cause the bones in your spinal column to fracture. Spinal decompression surgery can be a great solution for addressing compression problems. Here are three things that you should keep in mind to ensure you get on the right road to recovery when undergoing spinal decompression surgery in the future.