• 4 Ways That Smart Technology Has Revolutionized Medical Diagnostic Tools

    28 January 2018

    If you're like most medical professionals, you're constantly on the lookout for the latest technology that's designed to make diagnostic techniques easier and more accurate. Smart technology has been significantly instrumental in improving traditional diagnostic tools for modern medical practitioners, allowing them to provide certain necessary services at the point of care, such as the physician's office or urgent care clinic. Following are just four mobile devices available to modern health care providers and their patients.

  • A Guide To Your Medical Care

    30 December 2017

    If you are interested in taking inventory of your health and always doing what you can to heal, you'll need the assistance of a family doctor. By touching base with some physicians that can assist you, it'll give you the opportunity to get regular checkups, access to medication, and referrals to other medical professionals that can give you specialty assistance whenever you need it. With this in mind, keep reading and touch base with a family doctor that can look out for you.

  • Knee Pain: What Are Signs That Knee Surgery May Be Needed?

    18 November 2017

    Have you been experiencing knee pain? If so, you may be like many other people who are trying to manage their pain on their own. Ignoring knee pain and trying to self-medicate it with home remedies could result in a worsened condition. This is why it is important to include a doctor in any treatments. Some people wait to go to the doctor until their pain becomes unbearable. This can result in them needing to have a more aggressive approach to correcting their knee pain.

  • Why Does Your Athlete's Foot Keep Coming Back?

    6 November 2017

    Athlete's foot can be a struggle to get rid of. You think you have it under control when it returns with a vengeance, causing itching and pain between your toes. Usually, if your athlete's foot keeps returning, it means you are not treating it quite properly. Here are a few changes you might need to make to your treatment protocol to get rid of the fungus for good: Use your anti-fungal cream for longer.

  • Relying On Medical Marijuana: Why You Should Shop At A Dispensary Instead Of Growing Your Own

    16 October 2017

    Relying on medical marijuana to manage your health can be an effective option. But even with a prescription or license, you can't just go to a pharmacy or grocery store in order to get the medication you need. You can grow your own or utilize a local medical marijuana dispensary, or do both. Even if you want to grow a little of your own medication, there are many reasons to shop at a local dispensary rather than growing everything you need.