• 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for New Prescription Glasses

    16 October 2014

    For those who need prescription glasses, shopping for new frames can be a bit overwhelming, but it can also be fun. The overwhelming part can result from the sheer number of choices in frames that are available for you to pick from. The fun part, of course, is getting something new. However, since buying new eyeglasses is a major purchase, you need to approach it very carefully. Here are three things for you to keep in mind when shopping for new prescription glasses.

  • Dealing With Heartburn: 3 Ways to Alleviate Your Pain

    15 October 2014

    When you are trying to sleep, you may experience heartburn. This can cause you discomfort, and it may even prevent you from going to sleep quickly. You can alleviate this problem, however, by taking these steps. Avoid Foods and Drinks at Night That Trigger Heartburn One of the best steps you can take for dealing with heartburn at night is to simply avoid foods and drinks at night that are going to trigger heartburn.