• A Comprehensive Guide To Rehabilitative Care

    30 September 2021

    Sometimes, people go through traumatic events that undermine their ability to function and enjoy a fulfilling life. These events include serious diseases, injuries, major surgical procedures, adverse effects from pharmaceutical products, congenital anomalies, and developmental disabilities. Fortunately, today, rehabilitative care can treat these issues and help the affected regain, retain, and improve the abilities necessary to lead fulfilling lives. What Is Rehabilitative Care? Rehabilitative care refers to the process of helping children or adults affected by debilitating events like illnesses and injuries.

  • Six Benefits Women Can Enjoy By Keeping Up With All Of Their Recommended Health Screenings

    2 September 2021

    One of the best things a woman can do for her health is undergo all of the health screenings her doctor recommends. These screenings include blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. They also include cancer screenings, such as mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. As a patient, you might be unaware of all the benefits women's health services can provide. The following are six benefits women can enjoy by keeping up with all of their recommended health screenings.

  • Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth: Causes & Treatments

    4 August 2021

    About 4 out of every 10 women experience incontinence during pregnancy and/or after childbirth. For this reason, all women who are expecting a child should learn about urinary incontinence after childbirth and its treatment options. Read on to learn about why many women suffer from incontinence after giving birth and the many postpartum urinary incontinence treatment options available today.  What Causes Postpartum Incontinence?  Incontinence during pregnancy typically begins when the weight of a women's uterus and the growing baby inside of it places pressure on her pelvic floor muscles and weakens them.

  • Reasons Why You Should Consider LASIK Today

    2 July 2021

    If you have a vision problem, the first thing and an ophthalmologist or optometrist prescribes are eyeglasses or contact lenses. Currently, about 75% of Americans wear glasses, while about 11% wear contact lenses. However, these two treatment options don't offer permanent vision correction. If you are looking for a lasting and better solution to your vision problem, you should consider LASIK. What is LASIK? This refractive surgery is performed to correct common refractive errors.

  • These Tips Help You Lose Weight

    4 June 2021

    Weight loss is one of the most common concerns of people who want to get healthier. While losing weight is not the only way to get healthy, many people feel better when they do shed some pounds. These tips help you lose weight alongside healthy changes to your routine. Work Out First Thing in the Morning Some people struggle to work out, and it's often because they procrastinate. You may find it easier to exercise if you do it first thing in the morning before you have an opportunity to back out.